Current Concerns: Measurement of Radioactivity of Soil Samples from Serbia (2009)

The decisive argument for the positive verdict in this trial – before a civil court – was the fact that the Italian Ministry of Defence failed to provide sufficient NBC protection gear to their soldiers

Source: NATO (Click to enlarge)

In a research paper about the use of uranium containing weapons from 1977/78, performed by the Airforce Armament Laboratory, Eglin Air Force Base Florida, it is promised that their results will be provided to military personnel involved in testing or handling such weapons on the battlefield for their protection.

In a memorandum from 1993 it is clearly pointed out that “when soldiers inhale or ingest DU dust, they incur a potential increase in cancer risk”. Source: Department of the Army, Office of the Surgeon General, 5109 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA. Memorandum for headquarters U.S. Army Chemical School. ATTN: ATZN-CM-N, Fort McClellan, AL 36205, Subject: Depleted Uranium (DU) Safety Training, 16.8.1993

These documents prove that Italy and all other NATO states probably as well were fully aware of the consequences when they bombarded Serbia with tons and tons of these substances during the Balkan wars.

Current Concerns had asked two experts in the beginning of last year to conduct thorough investigations of soil samples from Serbia. The results were published in Current Concerns in June 2008. They are frightening. Now it became apparent from the investigation of additional factors that the term ”depleted“ uranium may well be deliberately misleading. On 9.2.2009 Zeit-Fragen reported under the title “Little Hiroshima…” about the research of the Serbian expert Mirjana Andjelkovic Lukic – about the bombardment of Serbia in 1999. The hypothesis that the damage was caused by “little Hiroshima Bombs” is now backed by results of measurements performed by these two German nuclear physics experts. After several years of work they were able to find ”hard“ measuring methods for the detection of small remnants left behind by such little nuclear explosions.

The Editorial staff of Current Concerns

A court in Florence has sentenced the Italian Ministry of Defence to pay a veteran to compensate for his health problems caused by exposure to uranium ammunition during his military service in Somalia. The judges based their decision on a legal-medical opinion. This in turn took into account material provided to the court by socialist member of parliament Falco Accame. He is president of the organization ”Anavafaf“, which represents soldiers on active duty with high efficiency. Falco Accame refused from the beginning to accept the official lies about the alleged harmlessness of NATO uranium ammunition. Already after Israel’s Lebanon war of 1982 he had experienced the health problems of Italian soldiers after their contact with similar shells in Lebanon.

The decisive argument for the positive verdict in this trial – before a civil court – was the fact that the Italian Ministry of Defence failed to provide sufficient NBC protection gear to their soldiers, neither in Somalia 1993 nor during the Balkan war, although being aware of US directives about proper handling of uranium.

From Documents: ”The main hazard associated with depleted uranium is the harmful effect the material could have if it enters the body. If particles are inhaled or digested they can be chemically toxic and cause a significant and long lasting irradiation of internal tissue.“ Source: Document as of 20.12.1984, AWS 330, signed by Robert Beard, States assistant secretary general for defense support 1984 -87.


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