Zoran Siriski: Open Letter to US Ambassador Mr. Hill

Do you think we Serbs will buy into your fairy-tales of demockracy? Your bombs were falling in 1944 and 1999. There was an idiot who tried to explain that you did so because you love us!

Ambassador Christopher R. Hill (Photo: Andjelko Vasiljevic/Politika)

Your excellency Mr Hill,
USA is going downhill!

US Government is doing their best to revive the ghosts of the colonial past of the world. As a yellow-belly nation you did not have an opportunity to take a share in the cake of planetary colonialism, that monstrous child of the western capitalism (alas, not the only one…). Quite naturally, you have been trying to make up for that missed opportunity all through 240 years of your presence on the global stage. The whole world knows (or ought to know) that you have spent 93% of your existence as a sovereign state waging wars! Do you imagine the people of the world are all idiots failing to perceive this shameful truth? Do you think we Serbs will buy into your fairy-tales of demockracy? Your bombs were falling on the heads of our children in 1944 and 1999. There was an idiot in the huge dishonourable gallery of your officials who tried to explain that you did so because you love us!

Mr Hill, I have already asked you not to give lectures to us and behave like a representative of a master-race. You are not what you, in your political activity, are trying to represent. An average Serb is not at all impressed by your sweetish verbal sprays. Nor do I personally tend to take you as a significant force in shaping the future of mankind. Your premises are wrong and your arrogance is a decisive factor in undermining all your endeavours and projections. This was the failure in the entire Western polity for centuries: underrating the others, whoever they were, and overrating oneself. Persistently you have trained us, the non-Westerners, to think that we are inferior and undeserving of tailoring our own lives. This Western approach with an Uebermensch flavour was built into humanities, media, entertainment industry, art, educational systems and cultures of the target-nations via the influential puppets and installed regimes all over the world.

With the Special Operation undertaken by the Russians, in a sheer effort to defend their own nationals in the Ukraine and the future existence of Russia as a state, the huge changes are being announced, thank God. You are not enjoying the support of your some-time partners, the majority of the world nations are not sympathising with your causes and practices. The West has left a painful brand on the consciousness and memory of the world: slave trade, plunder of resources, exploitation of labour, world wars… Now the accounts are on the way to being settled or at least nearing the point of being exposed to the attention of the world. Excuse me, but you cannot cheat all people for all time! This time has expired and I am certain that it is the feeling and the hope of all good people anywhere, including your citizens. However, whether the West can survive without the vices of the past is another issue, and your true elites will have to work on it soon. At that point you can consult us, Slaves, for we have a rich experience in the strategy of survival.

Mr Hill, you cannot understand the mindscape of the Serbs. You come from a background used to thinking and operating in materialistic terms. Logics, reason and scientific categories of the humanities, too, are insufficient to provide a valid basis for scheming up a strategy against the Slavs, among whom the Serbs and Russians are particularly unforeseeable. We are like water: the more you squeeze it, the more powerfully it will spurt when and where you least expect it.

Another little remark, Mr Hill. We have all been used to listening to the Americans’ self-praises and boasting of ‘being a great nation.’ First, this statement would deserve attention only if it was uttered by a non-American. Second, greatness is not measured by our humane, petty standards. Greatness makes us nearer to God, not ‘better’ or ‘more civilized’ or ‘richer’ than the others. Greatness is not the rate of consumption of these or those goods per capita, as you have tried to persuade us in soft-propaganda publications of the Who’s Who type. We say in Serbian ‘На муци се познају јунаци’. I hope this does not need a translation. Evangelical wisdom teaches us that ‘everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.’ (Luke,14:11). However, as you sow, so shall you reap.

Keep working on changing yourself for the better,

Зоран Сиришки/Zoran Siriski,
Ваљево, Србија

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2 replies

  1. Lepo, ali fucka se onome kome je upuceno ovo pismo.
    Te dzu**** razumeju samo jezik sile.

    Zadnjeg passusa sto se tice, imam da kazem samo ono – ne bacaju se biseri pred svinje.

  2. У тексту се два пута појављује термин “demockracy”!

    Да ли је грешка при куцању? (Не бих рекао, али да видимо даље.)

    Ако и јесте грешка, вреди више од уредног коректно написаног термина. Ево зашто.

    Democracy је најважнији извозни артикал САД — тзв. демократија, што би требало да значи владавина народа, то јест, народна власт.

    Кад оно, демократија у изведби САД је владавина над народом, која се испоставља као грубо скројена лудачка кошуља у коју облаче слабе и незаштићене државице, то јест њихове народе и друштва.

    А шта је “de-mock-racy”?

    Па управо то што пише сажето — “mockery of democracy”, то јест спрдање са демократијом (од енг. глагола “to mock”, или именице “mockery”).

    Једним словом, разоткривена подвала…

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