Maan Al-Assaad (Lebanon): If terrorism wins in Syria, next target is the Russian Federation

Maan Al-Assaad has three university certificates, two in business management and one in business marketing from BUC Beirut and in law from Beirut Arab University. He got his honors Dr certificate from Arabian people University which is affiliated with the Human Rights Committee at the United nations. He has his own law firm as a lawyer. He is the counselor for many institutions that are concerned about women and children rights and welfare, he is also the head counselor at the Higher Islamic Chiite Council. Mr Maan Al-Assaad is the head of the international tribunal courts for the middle east at the Word parliament organization. He is the general secretary (president) OF TAYYAR ALASSAADI party which is a political Lebanese party.

Maan Al-Assaad

In Beirut, a few days ago, there was an international conference on human rights in the Middle East, in which you also took part. Can you tell us which topics were emphasized and what were the main conclusions of the conference?

The topics of the conference emphasized the threatening and violation of human rights in the middle east, especially in Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. The main conclusions were the recommendations for:

A total support to all of those that fight terrorism through legal and elected presidents and governments of the countries that are truly fighting terrorism.

Revealing and exposing all countries and governments that facilitate, arm, train or use the terrorists.

Punishing whoever threatens or violates the rights of any human being whether it is a regime or an organization or a person.

There is a long-standing war in the neighboring Syria. How do you evaluate the current situation in Syria? In your opinion, is the conflict going towards a truce, and is it realistic to expect in the near future an end of the conflict?

There is no real near permanent truce in Syria and the conflict is not going to be resolved in the near future simply because the real war in Syria begins when the imaginary forces fail like ISIS and Nosra, Zenky, etc. And the original forces land at the Syrian soil such as the Americans and the Europeans and Arabs especially Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and definitely the Israeli. Then and only then the real war will start in Syria.

Maan Al-Assaad and Dragana Trifkovic

What kind of State regime could be established in Syria after the conflict? Can Syria preserve the integrity of the country or does it have to carry out some kind of federalization?

After the conflict ends in Syria, the face of the whole region will change, no State will stay the same. Sykes-Picot agreement will dissolve and vanish. The president Assad will never bargain on even a small amount of Syrian soil, but the West is planning to establish many States in Syria using the excuse of federations and safety zones.

How do the conflicts in the region affect Lebanon? Is there a danger of spreading of extremism and could Lebanon be drawn into the conflicts?

Lebanon and Syria are connected geographically and demographically. This is proven historically. If one is not stable the other can’t be secured. Yes, the fire of the Syrian volcano will burn Lebanon eventually and this will be a true disaster.

Recently, there was a serious incident after the Israeli air force attacked targets in Syria. Israel claims that the reason was preventing arms shipments to the Lebanese Hezbollah. What is in your opinion the cause of the increase in tensions between Israel on the one hand and Syria and its allies on the other hand?

The true reason is that Syria and its allies are winning the war slowly and the Syrian southern area is almost liberated which means that the Syrian-Iranian (Hezbollah) alliance will have a wide-open yard from the south and West Bekaa in Lebanon through Kuneitra and Golan in Syria to Iraq and Yemen and this is what the Israeli will never accept at any point. The upper hand days of the Israeli is over, a new strong organized player is in town.

Russia is providing military aid to the Syrian regular army and was actively involved in the fight against terrorists. To what extent Russia can contribute to establishing peace in the Middle East?

I quote what president Putin said that Syria will decide the future global policy and that Russia is in Syria to defend Moscow. If terrorism wins in Syria, then its next target is the Russian Federation. Peace can’t be established in the Middle East until terrorism and all regimes that support it are defeated.

Dragana Trifkovic

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