Voja Tankosić: Fifty Shades of Pink

While the citizens of Serbia are brought to the point of living disgraceful and humiliating individual, family, professional or any other life, there are obedient robots serving post global feudalism living their small glamourous lives, in pink kind of dictatorship, serving their master, who is someone else’s servant.


Aleksandar Vučić

How does it feel to be a servant’s servant? How one does that? All the members of Serbian Progressive Party should be asked those questions. The answers could be terrifying. Even more terrifying would be the answer to the question: how does it feel to rule as a slave? How the slave can rule?! No, he can not. Being a robot of Western post global feudalism and corporate capitalism, Serbian Prime Minister can not rule. He can hardly manage. Either Government or his own party.

He is not a leader, either. Slave and programmed robot can not be a leader. He can be taught to manage by severe rules, posed to him first of all. He can be assigned some tasks, he can be engaged to do something. But he can not rule. He can not lead. He is not able to. He has the lack of capacity to even understand what leadership is.

Every structure of power has its rules and it decides who is going to represent it, in different levels of appearance. But, if those rules and criteria include representatives like the one whose political masters are Uncle Sam and Joseph K and his first and only political tutor is Vojislav Šešelj, what kind of criteria are applied and what kind of rules were followed? When structure in power starts to make such strategic mistakes, it is a sign of its inner discrepancy. It further means that sometimes in the past it took a wrong course and on going madness is the consequence of stupid strategies and bad decisions. The Balkans is the typical example of bad strategies and bad decisions.

If there is no other reason, NATO should be dismantled because of illegal, unlawful and bloodthirsty bombing of Yugoslavia. This was disgraceful military operation which every army should be ashamed of. As years go by, it is more obvious how weak strategies were implemented in The Balkans, after the civil/occupational wars – from super fast accepting of some of the ex-Yu republics and distancing or dividing the others. Or distancing and dividing at the same time.

But, again, Divide et impera destructive strategy knocks on the back door. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Slovenia and Croatia from the other perspective, in Kosovo and Metochia, Macedonia. And, of course in Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić is one of the boomerangs which hit the back door. The certain fact about him is that he is a good servant and slave. This is all which is required. Not so long ago, the same person, Aleksandar Vučić, has served Vojislav Šešelj and the dream of Great Serbia. Now, he serves Uncle Sam’s American nightmare and Joseph K’s European stupid game.

Nothing has changed in Serbia since March 17th 2003 when Boris Tadić was appointed Minister of Defence of Serbia and Montenegro. The next year, he was elected President of Serbia.

Controversial SOFA agreement was signed in September 2006. Not to mention his other wrongdoings against the state and citizens. In the time of being appointed the President of Serbia, the function of Prime Minister of Serbia was degraded. Then, Aleksandar Vučić was appointed Minister of Defence and First Deputy Prime Minister on July 27th 2012. He was appointed Prime Minister of Serbia two years later. Since he is appointed, all the other institutions of the state are degraded. Those two disgraceful men proved their obedience to NATO by taking a big part in dismantling Serbia’s defence and security structures. It was not about some powerful and high tech army or about disciplined and well organized security system – it was about army and security system ruined and dismantled during the wars and external interferences. Nevertheless, it was country’s structure which might be repaired. But after Boris Tadić’s and Aleksandar Vučić’s terms in the offices of President and Prime Minister of Serbia that task will be hell of a job for generations to come, if they succeed in taking back their country and its public service sector. Money channels were not changed. Mladjan Dinkić is still in charge to extract every natural or any other wealth from Serbia.

Having the crew of obedient servants delighted by the fact that they play some “important”  public roles, Western alliance of the weak wants to cement its ownership over new colonies in The Balkans by controlling the countries’ public sectors. The importance of obedient servants in countries’ public sectors is being boosted by media ownership and control over information. If George Soros and David Petreus may be eligible to invest their dirty money in media in Serbia, then  it is not so hard to imagine what kind of content the media they possess may display – from printed and electronic media to Internet portals and social networks.

And there is Željko Mitrović next to them, ex-rock musician, drug addict, media tycoon and promoter of Serbian copy of Hollywood low life style and home made audio pollution by turbo folk one of the main defenders of Aleksandar Vučić’s wrongdoings. The same he did for Boris Tadić. Both of them provided good financial or other kinds of support for Mitrović’s disgraceful, no quality media activities. The other reason for worshipping Prime Minister’s stupidities in his media system Pink, may be found in Prime Minister and his clique’s covering up of suspicious deaths happening around Željko Mitrović. One is connected to his son’s fast drive through Belgrade when a teenage girl had been hit dead, driver run away and the first thing he did afterwards was to call his Dad for help. The other is a suspicious death of Željko Mitrović’s alleged mistress in Hyatt Regency hotel in Belgrade. Maybe glamour can cover everything as prescribed from Hollywood.

In accordance with that glamour style, Serbia entered the new phase of its downfall last week. Again, with big, nice words which should convince everyone that everything is fine.

Aleksandar Vučić and his clique dragged Serbia into even tighter dependence on EU, UK, USA, NATO, IMF, WB, etc. His close environment of ignorant and shameless robots, together with silly and “united opposition” of those who already have been in power and have taken part in a big sale of Serbia and its wealth create a perfect unity for another political circus called “elections” which will be supported by Western alliance of the weak in order to change nothing and to continue what they started.

But, it is good, while there is a room for jokes. And there is a perfect one these days among sane citizens in Serbia: “European Union? Serbia in it? After all? Hahhahha! EU must be falling apart if Serbia is invited!” So, let’s hope for the good spirit among Serbian citizens who will ridicule and reject everyone and everything in every way about the rotten and cowardish plan to hide behind a state apparatus for the sake of colonial conquer of the state.


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