Nebojsa Malic (Gray Falcon): Still Flying

My first first column at was published October 19, 2000.

That’s fourteen years ago. Even I forgot about the exact date, thinking it had been sometime in November.


„Balkan Express“, as it was called, had 269 editions – more or less once a week. In 2007, we changed the name to „Moments of Transition“, and the publication schedule to every other week. The latest column, „Two Parades and A Drone“, was published this past Saturday. It was the 460th column for that I have written over the past fourteen years.

Saturday was my debut as a columnist for RT’s Op-Edge. The piece – „Ukraine’s election: Behind the looking glass“ – analyzed the background and possible outcomes of the ritual taking place in junta-controlled territories today. Looks like both the editors and the readers liked it, so look to more pieces from me over at Op-Edge soon.

I almost can’t believe I’ve done all this, and plan to do more still. The very notion sounded surreal back in 1999, when I penned the first commentary in response to mainstream media rubbish concerning Kosovo, and had it published online. Yet here I am, fifteen years later, still standing. Still writing. Still flying.

Let’s see what happens.

(Gray Falcon, Sunday, October 26, 2014)

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